Wheelock Place at Orchard Road

Wheelock place is an extremely exciting urban cosmopolitan destination where everyone is dreaming to visit. The place meets all sorts of demands of the urban life which is favorite to most mid-age persons especially youths. Behind it, there is a distinctive conical fide that lies seven floors of the modern, luxurious and finest ever retail stores, dining joints, a variety of services among other nice and lively things.

Wheelock Place Location at Orchard Road

The place is located next to uncountable eateries as well as well known buildings like Liat Towers as well Shaw house. It’ has various entertainment joints where you can have ample time with your family and loved ones. Residents of Wheelock place have great shopping experiences as all sorts of shopping outlets are available at any given time. It has an underpass which goes all the way to Ion-Orchard shops as well as MRT station.

MRT Station and Orchard Road at Wheelock Place

The transportation within the place has been eased by the availability of modern terminals and public transport services as well as the MRT station and Orchard Road, Paterson Road, which make the place more accessible and convenient. Also, the place can be accessed through Anglia Park as well as Orchard Boulevard. It has modern restaurants which offer the best and global cuisines. This restaurant always offers the best ever services you can get in Singapore restaurants thus making the area one of the best destination in Singapore.

Shopping and Scenery at Wheelock Place

Above this retail podium, is a modern and furnished office tower, that homes uncountable and the top multinational companies which operate from the area thus enhancing its growth and international recognition. They also make the area the best destination of international tourists as well as the officials. If you need to have quality time either alone, with your family or friends, this is the place to be. You will experience great urban life with beautiful scenery and at the top of it all, shopping for anything at the disposal.

It’s the right time you should make a decision and tour the area to encounter all these goodies and have a world-class urban life with all sorts of amenities. Here you will always like to come back as never will you complain of anything since everything goes on smoothly at Wheelock place.

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