Thomson-East Coast MRT Line

First announced on 25th January 2008, the Thomas East Coast Line is a Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) or transport line which falls under the medium capacity category in Singapore. Though currently under construction, the line is about to be the sixth line once it is complete. Though first announced in 2008, The Thomas East Coast Line was declared on 15th August 2014 as a part of a merger which took place between the Thomson line (TSL) and the Eastern Region Line (ERL) lines by the Land Transport Authority.

History of the Thomson-East Coast MRT Line

The history of the merger is of course two-fold. The two parts are: These can be categorized as the Thomas stretch and the East Coast Stretch. First announced in 2008, the Thomas Line promised an increased number of stations to help commuters. The stations rose from 18 to about 22 posts the initial planning. This, of course, also involved an increase in the length of the original plan of the track making it rise to 30 km from the initial 27. Thomson-East Coast Line is located near to Boulevard 88 by City Developments Limited

Construction of Thomson-East Coast MRT Line

The announcement of the construction of the East Coast Stretch dates back to an earlier age with the first thoughts coming in around the year 2001. The line was initially designed to be a rectangular stretch covering an area of around 40 km and looped to help commuters travel. Though there were some initial hiccups, the Thomson-East Coast MRT Line is scheduled to be joined to Singapore’s pride, the Changi Airport, though one of its busiest terminals… the terminal 5. Not only will this help commuters, but this idea is also thought to be a pivotal influence in helping to ease the problem of freight without hampering the regular travelers from the airport to the city and vice versa.

Thomson East Coast MRT Station

Though individually successful enough, the main benefit of Thomson-East Coast MRT Line that these two lines could provide the city of Singapore and its people would take places once they were merged. The merger was announced on 15th August 2014, with plans of increasing the stations to a total of nine. This groundbreaking project would, of course , need a strong plan and would be implemented in five linked stages. Around 2016, the names of the stations planned were finalized as well, though one of these, that of Amber Station was to be changed to Tanjong Katong after a few days.

One of the most successful projects in recent times, the Thomas East Coast Line has further plans for expansions today with it being linked to the Changi Village and multiple airport terminals in Changi… just the perfect boon for commuters of the city!

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