Tanglin Shopping Centre at Tanglin Road

Tanglin Shopping Center is an ultra-modern 12 storey complex located at Tanglin Road. The shopping center has numerous units comprising of supermarkets, entertainments and refreshing spas, medical facilities like dental services and many others. It has over 300 ample car parking slots which are located at the basement and at the multi-storey annex car park block. You will never lack a parking space, and your car will be safe as you walk around the shopping center and sample the best of fashion, artwork, antiques, and even a relaxation spa.

Tanglin Shopping Centre Orchard MRT Station

With just a walking distance from Orchard MRT Station, Tanglin Shopping Center is well accessible from any part of the city. You can go with your family, and you will be sure everybody will find what will excite or interest them. Ranging from elegant jewelry, exceptional home décor, unique regional artifacts, old precious items, and even famous artworks, you will be sure to find all these collections under one roof. A few hours walk in the shopping center will show you the greatness of bringing all services to one roof because you will not have to move from one place to another to find what you want. Tanglin Shopping Center is home to all variety of services, products and the best hospitality. Please also see how your credit report will affect your loan amount as well as maintenance that needs to be done to your unit.

Tanglin Shopping Centre Services

If you want to look beautiful and outstand from the rest, then Tanglin Shopping Center should be your next destination. You will find all beauty services ranging from reflexology, salon services, rejuvenation massage, manicure, pedicure, and many other beauty services. You will find plenty of options to choose from, and the best thing is that all these options are in one place.
Don’t stress yourself looking for medical services or treatment for yourself or your loved one. Tanglin Shopping Center has delegated floors of medical clinics that provide enhanced medical care. Whether you are looking for an eye specialist, pediatrics specialist, acupuncturist or any other form of treatment, you will find them in one place. Medical experts including Chinese physicians and kids therapists will attend to you promptly and give you the guidance and consultation you deserve.

Tanglin Shopping Centre Fashion Wear and Accessories

For the fashion enthusiasts, the shopping center harbors the famous and the finest tailors in the region. You will get the latest fashion wear and accessories or get your dress custom-made for you by expert and skilled tailors available. After walking around the shopping center for a whole day, you can find a nice restaurant from a variety available and sample out the most delicious and finger licking cuisines. You may also decide to unwind the day and sip a drink from a bar before heading home.

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