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Meet Tang Plaza – a renowned branch of the retail industry in Singapore. This company is quite a delight for customers and offers a truly broad spectrum of international brands, all in one place. Shopping has never been this easy. Besides Singapore, Tang is also present in Malaysia, and the branch is constantly growing and improving.

Tang Plaza Development in 1923

The development of Tang Plaza started back in 1923, when its founder, CK Tang traveled from China to Singapore in his desire to escape poverty. CK Tang was very persistent and hardworking. He was also very brave and took quite a risk when transiting from the door-to-door sale to opening a shop. Luckily, his customers didn’t mind and the rest is history. He expanded his business gradually and built a three-story building. From its humble beginnings, Tang Plaza today presents a real retail giant with thousands of faithful customers. Although its appearance is completely transformed, the quality remained to be a top priority.

Tang Plaza also presents an impressive offer of home appliances, table tops, furnishings, etc. Anything from housekeeping to bathroom accessories is here. Customers will be glad to know they can also purchase some of the most famous brands of biscuits, desserts, snacks, chocolates, coffee, and tea.

Additional Services at Tang Plaza

Tang Plaza offers plenty of services to the customers, including the following:
• Store Services: Tangs Gift Cards – a perfect present for everyone.

Hands-Free Shopping – forget about standing in lines at the cashier counter by
using a special tag which provides you with special services.

• Personal Shopping: The customers can arrange a personal shopping session with the staff.
• Beauty Services: Your face, hair, and body can receive the best possible care.

Designed to Please at Tang Plaza

Everything about Tang Plaza is designed to suit the customer’s needs. The visitors can enjoy the most popular brands in a welcoming setting, with various available services. The rich offer of this retail branch will certainly keep you “busy” for a while, but fear not – excellent and tasty food is on every corner.

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