Shopping Centres Near to Orchard Boulevard MRT Station

Orchard MRT station is structured in the underground, with its location along the TEL (Thomson East Cost Line at stage 3. The station is under construction and it’s targeted for its completion and after that opening in the year 2021. A lot has to be done to make sure that this project is well timed and it meets the deadline for the construction so that it can get into work.

The station has been constructed at Orchard Boulevard and Grange road junction. This will bring all the rail connectivity to big hotels, various commercial apartments and buildings, and the residential apartments for development in the entire region. Please also see the different home insurance packages available. Home insurance is necessary for purchase of properties.

Shopping Centres Near to Orchard Boulevard MRT Station

Through its vicinity of Hotel Jen Tanglin, the Tangin mall, Camden Medical Centre and the Regent Singapore, the station seek to boost the economic and the social developments of the entire region. Through the connection of various social amenities and various safety measure that have been put in place to make this successful, Singapore will benefit a lot in this especially in the transport sector. Boulevard 88 which is near to Orchard Boulevard MRT Station by City Developments will be available for sale soon.

Though the train timings is not yet to produced, there are plans to come up with the best first and the last train timings in order to cater for various needs and the priorities of the people of Singapore. The station operates under the Island platform. These platforms have been divided into two arrangements. One of them is the full height which isolates the station from the environment in the tunnel by air conditioners in order to enhance and ensure high level of comfort as well as safety standards.

Orchard Boulevard MRT Station Passenger Information Systems

The second one, Passenger Information Systems, have the screens for display and they are located at each platform to inform the passenger more details on expected departures and arrivals as the key messages. The visually disabled have been taken care of through the availability of tactile floor in order to guide them to the exits. The concourse of the station provides an automatic fare collection and also the unpaid section in the station. The travellers have access to the ticketing systems where they can purchase tickets for one or multiple journeys. The station provides some social amenities to the travellers like public toilets and hotels for refreshments.

Safety Measures Put In Place at Orchard Boulevard MRT Station

Emergency Stop in which it has to be activated to avoid confusion of trains from going in and out of the station. The emergency doors which have handles that can be used manually in case there is a system failure. The use of emergency phones enable the commuters communicate with the station staff effectively to improve their services. Fire extinguishers have been in place at various stations in case there is fire. It is evident that Singapore will benefit highly from this project. As a part of growth to the nation’s economy, many will also be beneficiary when the station is completed.

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