Shaw House Located at Orchard Road

Shaw House is situated right in the center of Singapore’s prime shopping stretch along Orchard road. It is situated at the intersection of orchard road with Scotts and Paterson road. The building servers as the nerve center for the iconic and flagship Lido Cineplex which is owned by the Shaw organization.

Shaw House Located at Orchard Boulevard

The Shaw house has one of the major malls in Singapore and the home of one of the popular cinema in Singapore, Lido 8 Cineplex which was officially built in 1958 as a 10 storey building. It was officially opened in November 1958. It was considered as one of the most contemporary buildings at the time as it was the first sky scraper to be built along the junctions of orchard roads and Scott’s road. Please also see Eco-friendly building materials for your own home. There are also top remodeling ideas that you can use as well as ways to reduce home renovation cost.

Shaw House Five Floors in the Building

It houses the main store of the Isetan stores in Singapore and also serves as its headquarters. The store occupies five floors and is the main anchor tenant of the building. Shawhouse also has a Japanese supermarket in the basement and offices which can be rented on the upper floors.

The cinema, Lido 8 Cineplex, has eight screens and occupies the levels five and six. When it opened its doors to the public in 1993, it had only 5 screens and halls, it added another three halls in 1997 to keep up with the ever increasing demands of the film market.The main theatre hall was renovated in 2004 and has a capacity of 900 and was the first hall in the country to be THX certified with Dobly SR, DTS, SDSS and Dobly Digital.The hall has a special feature which allows it to have the ability to interlock a movie to allow a smash hit movie to be shown in more than one screen.

Shaw House New Theatres Cinema

In late 2010 it was closed for renovations and to allow for the addition of new theatres. After spending close to S$20million the theatre complex was opened and contained 11 cinemas which had a total seating capacity of about 2000 people. The redesign and the renovations transformed the cinema lobby into a lifestyle area which featured floor to ceiling windows which unlocked the views of orchard road and a modernized film wall mural, a million dollar Panasonic cinematographic display and an exceptional cardinal live picture displays. It was officially opened in May 2011 with IMAX officially opening its first theatre there
In February 2013, it was announced that Shaw house would be expanded to incorporate the adjacent Shaw center which is also owned by the Shaw organization

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