Raffles Girls Secondary School is a renowned secondary school in the Mission area. Established in 1998, this school is one of the most selective. The mission style of education has been successfully spreading throughout the world and is highly respected for its high standards of discipline and focus on a child’s real world learning. Although it is regarded as a high achieving private school, many parents would not consider sending their children to this type of school, stating that it is too selective and could push their child into a drug and alcohol-driven life.

However, it must be understood that many schools are extremely selective when it comes to pupils and accept only the best students. This does not mean that the Raffles Girls Secondary School is a bad place to send your child. In fact, it is considered to be one of the best. Many parents who have sent their children to this establishment have been happy with their decision. In their opinion, this school teaches their children well both academically and socially.

The majority of students in Raffles Girls Secondary School are from two disadvantaged areas. The students come from different backgrounds but they do manage to blend in effortlessly. The teachers at this establishment take great pride in giving every student a chance to learn. They treat all of their students with respect and make an effort to develop strong relationships between all of the students.

The Raffles Girls Secondary School is well-known for its innovative thinking. Teachers at this school are very passionate about teaching and they go through a rigorous training program. This enables them to teach with the support of others. Teachers are always up for learning new strategies to improve teaching techniques.

Another advantage that parents like about the Raffles Girls Secondary School is its ability to arrange an exceptional and lively social life for all of its students. This is achieved by encouraging healthy and active social activities and groups. Many of the activities are coordinated through community boards and committees. These groups help to promote and increase the social life of each child. In addition to this, the school has a large annual artistic event which allows secondary school students to show off their talents and at the same time enjoy some well-designed competitions and events.

The Raffles Girls Secondary School also provides its pupils with sound nutritional values. This can be seen in the way the food is prepared and served. The food is always well-tasted and nutritious. The children have complete freedom to choose their menu. This helps them build strong eating habits and also gives them the opportunity to create their own special meal that suits their tastes.

Raffles Girls Secondary School also offers its pupils some form of spiritual refreshment. There is a Parish Church on the premises, which has many Bible lessons as well as weekly mass. This gives the impression that this is a genuine Christian establishment. A child may decide to attend one of these services. This is however not compulsory.

The school also has a large child care unit. The needs of a child are looked after adequately. As a result, both the parents and the child learn to rely on each other. A child will learn to respect others and work with ease. Raffles girls secondary school can offer your daughter a very good education, which will enhance her personality and make her a strong person.

One of the major attractions of Raffles Girls’ School is the friendly atmosphere it creates. It’s not like any other place, your child might have to go to. All the students to speak in a friendly manner and there is a real sense of community. Your daughter will soon be able to relate with the other girls at this school and interact with other children. She will also get a chance to work alongside gifted and talented pupils.

The school buildings are well designed and the interior is bright and colourful. All the pupils have access to the library where they can keep their books. The library also contains a computer lab for parents who would like their child to do some work. In case the child is interested in studying cooking, the kitchen is available for her to use from her bed. There is also an art room, which has a number of equipment for children to use.

The school has a small but helpful lobby where parents can go to enquire about various things. The reception is welcoming and you will find plenty of helpful staff and a lot of parents on hand. Your daughter will be surrounded by beautiful and attractive people all the time, so she will never feel isolated at Raffles. This is a school where girls really do come together and create a lovely community. The atmosphere is perfect for developing friendships.