Covering a distance of 2.2 kilometers, Orchard road located in the central area of Singapore is a major tourist attraction and shopping belt. It is the most famous shopping street in Asia as it is a major stop to fashion, specialist stores, and so many other lifestyle-related choices. This street is literary a shopping paradise where people from all over the globe fly in to shop.

Orchard Road in Singapore

In 1903, shops started mushrooming in this street. This is the time that the first supermarket in Singapore was established. Later in 1958, C.K tang, a local merchant opened the first department store on land that faced the cemetery. The store was demolished in 1982 and replaced by Tang Plaza that houses a hotel and a department store. In the early 1970’s, more massive malls, bowling alleys, cinemas, and casinos were established. This made the reputation of this street as an entertainment home grew.

Shopping Centres at Orchard Road

Currently, this road is packed with beautiful shopping malls, big hotels, and restaurants, retail shops as well as dining and entertainment hubs of all types and at an affordable budget. This street has everything you can ever think of, from designer threads, trending fashion, ethnic wares, relaxed hangouts, art galleries and upscale restaurants among others.
The pedestrian malls along this street are lined with large Angsana trees thus providing ample shade for shoppers. Therefore, you can enjoy a long stroll the malls, window-shopping and select anything you want for as long as you want without worrying about the blazing sun.

Orchard Road Reputation

The reputation of this street has attracted so many tourists from all over the world. Foreigners flock in all year round to shop or spend the holiday in the relaxed hotels. However, the major attraction for foreigners is the desire to experience the vast retail therapy by strolling along this street.