Ion Orchard Flagship Stores in Mall

Singapore is known is for its magnificent collection skyscrapers that leaves you filled with awe. It is a hub of spectacular architectural icons such as the Marine’s Bay Sand and the Tanjon Pagar Centre. Singapore, a rather small city, enjoys international recognition for its immaculate art of construction. The architectural firm, Benoy, added to this crowd by establishing ION Orchard.

Ion Orchard Shopping Centre

ION Orchard is a state of the art shopping mall that begun its operations in 2009. Benoy put-forth an award-winning architecture so far. It exhibits a spectacular facade with sleek and sharp concepts and design. This helped ION Orchard in securing two reputable awards which has submissions from all over the world. According to panel, ION orchard show-cased �a unique and progressive urban design’. Looking at the architectural concept, we can depict that nature had inspired Benoy. This organic feel brought a sense of livelihood to the building; the way it speaks to the visitors is an inarticulate feeling.

Ion Orchard Flagship Stores in Mall

Something worth mentioning here is that alongside all the numerous stores, ION orchard is going to showcase six signature flagship store of renowned luxury brands which are placed at the front of the mall. Great attention was given when selecting the brands so they can complement the sharp frontal design of the mall. Apart from the long, extensive brand-lines, ION orchards have dedicated a large space for an extensive food hall. This consists of local favorite cuisines and international cuisines that are famous world-wide.

Ion Orchard Unique Mall Experience

As mentioned before, ION orchard priority through-out it’s planning and construction has been art. They wanted to create something that made people feel. They have dedicated a whole programme to art that goes by the name, ION art. This program presents new and multi-media art to the unique mall experience and takes a gallery space of the mall of over 5,600 square meters. It does not only host local exhibitions and art displays but also carry’s international level art events that includes established and emerging artist from around the world.

In short, ION orchard is packed with the most integrated shopping mall experience!

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