The City Developments Limited is a giant global real estate operating company based in Singapore and was founded in 1963. It has it a huge network spanning over 100 locations in different 28 countries globally. The company is listed on the Singapore exchange. In additional, the company has another wholly owned subsidiary that is located in China- the CDL (China Development Limited)

City Development Limited Developer for Boulevard 88

It’s one of the largest companies in Singapore by market capitalization and commands most of the real estate market in Asia both by development, management, letting among others. It has a stable and geographically diverse portfolio that comprises offices, residences, homes, integrated development, serviced apartments, as well as shopping malls just name them which offer modern quality facilities which will really make you like it.

This giant global real estate company has a proven track record of over 50 years in real estate development, management as well as investment. The company has developed homes exceeding 40,000 and owns over 18 millions square feet of floors to let globally.

CDL Real Estate Developer Property Development

The city Development Limited has diversified bank offering a solid development in Singapore and other crucial oversees market of Up, China, Australia and Japan to their esteemed clients.

The City Development Limited (CDL) projects include Queensway Shopping Centers, Tangling, City Square Mall as well as the residence at W Singapore Sentosa Cove. Other projects include Rainforest executive condominium and the Republic Plaza the tallest building in Singapore Also the company owns Millennium & Copthorne Hotels plc which is among the London listed subsidiary and owns over 130 hotels globally which are a very big footprint in Hotel industry.

CDL Business Real Estate Developer

Since the CDL business are well spanned across the entire field of real estate, including real estate investment, property development, owning as well as leasing out properties and properties funds investment, the diversity makes sure the company performance is stabilized during the downtown of a certain segment as it does not entirely overly on any of the business segment.

For those unique and modern houses, city development limited is the king. The company has vast experience in developing world class residential houses, homes, shopping malls, hotels just name them. Getting in contact with them when you need either property development or management among others, you will get perfect results to behold your expectation.

Their management team is well experienced and it has spanned over 30 countries hence evidence it will offer you world-class and awesome services and you will live a happy life..